Saturday, June 1, 2013

Things Go Hazy.

Holy Balls, y'all. So I had yesterday off from work, and so around 5 o'clock  I sat down to read Pathfinder, AND THEN I FINISHED IT. That's over 600 pages. In one day. I finished reading a little after midnight and immediately went to sleep.

Orson Scott Card has a tendency to challenge the fuck out of his readers and their attention spans. Now, I'm kind of the poster child for ADD, so sometimes Card makes me want to bang my head against a wall and then cry. He's so demanding. And he's one of those authors where I'm always like, "what the hell does that word even mean? where's my phone? I need to google this word. And then look at all of the different websites that give examples of this word. Oh, look at that puppy. What was I doing??"  And then eventually I get back to reading the book. But he is always so worth it. His books are amazing. The last Card book that I read took me days because it was so complex and demanding and exhausting that I just couldn't stand to read all of it at once. I couldn't do that yesterday though because I had to know who Rigg's dad was!
Oh, wait, backstory:

Earth is going to implode or something like that and so they send out a ship to find a new planet to inhabit. This dude, Ram, and a whole bunch of robots (who apparently look exactly like humans? Which made me think of David from that stupid movie, Prometheus, where EVERYONE DIES in the end) go out into space and them time jump what is supposed to be light years into the future, but by accident they somehow go back into time and then also, somehow, the ship is duplicated 19 times, so that now there are 19 ships instead of one. So anyway, they land on this new planet and while all of the humans, including Ram, are in stasis, the Expendables (robots) set up borders around the planet, making up 19 different colonies and then making it to where none of the humans would even know about the other colonies, and also making it to where the Walls that separate them from each other make a person go crazy when they go close to them.

Sidebar: I was attempting to google the name of the movie with the aliens (which is Prometheus, but I couldn't remember the name of it) and so I just googled 'alien'. Which gave me THIS:
Horrible as it is, I've seen that movie.

ANYWAY. The book!
All the while, Card is also telling us about present time, which is eleven thousand years in the future from where Ram is now, which is actually eleven thousand years from where he used to be BEFORE he time jumped (get it?) on this new planet where this kid, Rigg, just learns that his dad died (but not really, because he lied, because he's really an Expendable and he can't die. I KNOW) and he has set out on this trip to go and meet his sister that he never knew about. Oh, and Rigg can change the past, and see the paths of other people from all other times, and his sister can make herself invisible. And his only friend can move through time. And he's this back woods boy who grows up with this dude who he *thinks* is his dad (but isn't!!), out learning how to trap animals and crap, and then suddenly he becomes this lost royalty who had been kidnapped when he was young.

It's EXHAUSTING to read. But it's so worth it.
Really, stop reading this very complicated post that isn't doing any good for Card, and just go and read the book.
Which, by the way, is the first book in a series.
Feel free to take a stab at what I'll be doing today.

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