Monday, May 20, 2013

I See The Stars In Black And White.

This past week my best friend was induced and was in labor for over 24 hours. I brought my textbooks with me to the hospital to catch up on some reading but I quickly put those back in my backpack and instead pulled out The Princess Bride, by William Goldman.
William Goldman wrote both the book and the screenplay for the movie, so when I purchased the book (I know, why buy when you can get them from the library? I KNOW) I was confident that it wouldn't let me down seeing as how much I love the movie.
So far it totally hasn't. I'm at the part in the book where Princess Buttercup pushes Dread Pirate Roberts off of a cliff only to find out that he's really her beloved Westley, exactly like in the movie. I usually hate movies that are based upon books and generally refuse to watch them altogether (Twilight? Ugh, no.) but since I had already watched the movie I didn't see any harm in reading the book and I was right. The only real difference is that Goldman gives a little more background information and that sometimes he interjects little chapters where it is just him talking to the readers. It's interesting. 
I can't wait to find time to keep reading it.*

*Most likely I'll cancel plans with a friend or two in the next few days, fake an illness, and lay in bed with my animals cuddling up to me while I finish the book. I'm cool like that.

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